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Victoria Beckham Lightbox - Black Edition

Winner of the NJPEC Package of the Year in 2017, this limited sequentially numbered collectors edition box is the epidemy of luxury packaging. This was the 2nd edition of Lightboxes produced by our founder while at MW Luxury Packaging and came in a black and white leather theme. Electroplated gold metal edging frames out a custom pebble embossed leather wrap around an MDF wood frame. The shape and opening style was inspired by the pallets housed inside.

Once the box is opened you are immediately greeted with a personalized letter from Victoria herself. Lifting off the custom letter holder reveals the 8 custom make-up’s inside. A removable light up vanity mirror with a kickstand gives the user
an elegant mirror in which to use the newly purchased make-up’s.

All of the components inside the box are removable. Since this package was constructed with such care and craftsmanship it should outlast its owners, it becomes the ultimate collector’s box. 

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