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Hirsch Collector's Edition Rigid Box

We celebrate "the spirit of the journey" with Hotaling & Co, on this limited-edition rigid box to commemorate the Hirsch Family of selected whiskies.

Hirsch is a Gold Standard for thoughtfully selected American Whiskey Expressions. The box was designed with the same thoughtfulness and understated classiness that the brand invokes.

An uncoated and natural outer printed paper wrap is highlighted with pinpoint registered foil stamping and debossing. A custom stitched ribbon pull on the opening flap is a tiny detail that makes a major impact.

The inner fitment mirrors the silhouette of the finely crafted Hirsch bottle nestled patiently inside. A cleverly tucked custom-stitched ribbon pull offers an effortless release of the bottle.

So our only question... straight up, on the rocks, or in a custom cocktail?

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