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Allen Elva was born out of our obsession with all things packaging.

Three decades in the making, Allen Elva was crafted to get back to what matters most to us.

Old World Craftsmanship: we are returning to the bygone era of craftsmen. We are assiduous about our craft and scrupulous about every detail that goes into it. We hold ourselves, our suppliers, our customers to a higher standard. Excellence is not easy but to us, it's the only way.

Sustainability: we minimize materials and utilize our treatments wisely. We work with bleeding-edge technologies and materials. We waste not while you want not.

Loyalty: to our customers, our suppliers, our partners, our employees. Our relationships matter most.

Your brand's package has an intimate interaction with your customer through visual and tactile interactions. We see packaging as your silent salesperson, in-store, on-screen, and in your customers' hands. We elevate these interactions.

With 3 Regional Production Offices in the USA, China and India we support your projects locally and globally. In each facility, we encompass the entire production cycle in-house.







Project Management


Business Development and Marketing offices in New York, Stockholm Sweden, and Shenzhen

We are partnered with a world-class global network of suppliers. We work with all materials and formats. If you can imagine it, we can make it, and make it stand out. 

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