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Allen Elva is a licensed partner of Paperfoam, the unique alternative to plastic and molded fiber.

Paperfoam is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable in the paper recycling stream. The manufacturing process causes little to no damage to the environment with very little water and energy usage compared to other plastic alternative materials.

Paperfoam has a global manufacturing footprint in NC USA, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Malaysia. Paperfoam can be run to almost any color with FDA-approved food-grade colorants.

The patented injection molding process enables design options that are not available in other plastic alternatives like undercuts, enhanced friction fits, and more.

Certifications Include:

USDA and TUV OK Certified Bio-based Product

UL Validated Recyclable - 99% recovery rate of fibers

EN13432, ASTM D6868, TUV OK Compost, TUV OK Home Compost

ISEGA and FDA Certified

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