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Allen Elva Packaging

Allen Elva Packaging

Allen Elva is Old World Craftsmanship blended with a New Age Mindset.

Nearly 3 decades in the making, we are building a packaging and display company to get back to what matters most to us.

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Old World Craftsmanship 

We are returning to the bygone era of Craftsmanship. We are assiduous about our craft and scrupulous about every detail that goes into it. We hold ourselves, our suppliers, and our customers to a higher standard.

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Consciously Eco-As-Possible

We minimize materials and utilize our treatments wisely. Our 20+ year working relationship with Paperfoam and other new to world materials gives us a unique insight into sustainable packaging. We waste not while you want not.

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World Class Global Workflow

Our company was built for the 21st century. Our bespoke software enables us to seamlessly manage your projects 24/7 across the world - making every hour count. Our client portal gives you real-time access to your data no matter where you are.

Be assured that our partner facilities have the necessary certifications and practices to meet the highest global standards. Each partner facility undergoes multiple inspections yearly from our internal teams in addition to 3rd party inspections.

We require that our facilities adhere to SEDEX ethical standards in addition to FSC, ISO AND G7 certifications.

Our in-house quality laboratory can perform nearly every necessary test for secondary and tertiary packaging at international standards. We design in quality from the very start of any project and have the tools to monitor and check quality at every stage.

"Since our introduction, Allen Elva has been able to translate insanely complex design concepts into category-defining packaging in a way that's been crucial to how we speak to our consumers. Add to this an incredibly thoughtful and considerate working relationship, Dustin is hands down a cornerstone to the success of our brands."


Latest News

In March 2021 we announced our formal merger with the permier display and packaging company TopSion Ltd. based in Shanzen, China

Latest News

In February 2021 we announced the opening of our Stockholm, Sweden office. Industry Veteran Sandra Holmsten joins the team bringing over 14 years of display and packaging experience.

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