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Allen Elva merges operations with Topsion

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

March 2021 - Allen Elva Packaging announced the signing of a merger of operations with Shenzhen, China based Topsion Ltd. ( an emerging leader in the interactive display and packaging markets.

"This merger brings tremendous value to both companies and creates a perfect strategic fit," said Dustin Wills, Founder and President of Allen Elva. "We not only gain an incredibly talented and experienced group of individuals, but we are now also a pre-eminent player in the interactive display market. We started Allen Elva well positioned in the luxury/premium and sustainability markets. With the addition of Topsion we add high volume, highly automated and price sensitive solutions for larger and more traditional retail programs".

"Allen Elva will lead our global direct sales initiative and bring a wealth of marketing and product development into our existing offering," said Carson Tan, Co-Founder of Topsion. Benson Deng, Co-Founder of Topsion add "Our future is very bright, and we are aligned with Allen Elva's vision for further joint global expansion. Our full service offering under one roof will support the global sales efforts from Allen Elva".

About Allen Elva Packaging

New York based Allen Elva Packaging LLC ("Allen Elva") is a company founded in 2019 by industry veteran Dustin Wills. Allen Elva excels at creating customer packaging solutions ranging the spectrum from budget to luxury, sustainable to collectable. This merger is Allen Elva's first of many upcoming announcements for the rapidly growing company.

About Topsion

Shenzhen, China based Topsion Ltd ("Topsion") was founded in 2014. Co-Founders Carton Tan and Benson Deng have built Topsion to specialize in interactive permanent and semi-permanent displays and highly automated secondary packaging for larger and more traditional retail programs. Topsion merged operations with Allen Elva in March of 2021.

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